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Insurance Advice for Single Moms

You know that being a mom is the most important job in the world. So do we. When you’re a single mom you need to make smart, cost-effective choices for the health and safety of your family.

That’s why we’ve created this section of Free Insurance Advice just for you. From protection for your stuff (like car insurance, home owner’s insurance and renters insurance) to protection for your people with health insurance and life insurance, you’ll find advice and answers from single moms FOR single moms. It’s about time!

Just for Single Moms

Cheap Car Insurance for Women

When it comes to shopping for cheap car insurance, women have a big advantage (yes!!).

Women are generally safer drivers than men and, as a result, cheap car insurance for women isn't too difficult to find. But don't be fooled--a cheap car insurance policy won't come knocking at your door.

If you want cheap female car insurance, you need to know where and how to shop for it. To help you along, we've put together this little car insurance crash course designed specifically for women.

10 Ways to Save on Health Insurance

With the wide variety of health insurance plans available, cost is important but there are other factors you need to consider. It's important to think ahead and look for a plan that fits your needs as well as the needs of your covered family members. Here are ten tips to help you save money on health insurance.

Top 10 Ways to Save on Single Moms Auto Insurance

Raising a child on your own is challenging enough, but you’re also responsible for bringing home the bacon. That doesn’t leave a lot of spare time to clip coupons and balance your budget, let alone shopping for single moms auto insurance!

single moms auto insurance, car insurance, auto insurance

So finding ways on cutting down the biggest bills you’ve got is a quick and easy way of saving a lot of money AND time.

Single Moms Top 10 Life Insurance Tips

You are all your child has – what would become of them if something happened to you? This is precisely why you need life insurance.

Top 10 Single Moms Auto Insurance Quote Tips

The beauty of car insurance is that shoppin’ til’ ya’ drop will actually SAVE you money by getting a single moms auto insurance quote.

Single Mom’s Guide to Health Insurance

What are the best plans for a single moms guide to health insurance? Having trouble deciphering all the lingo? You barely have time for a shower – no reason to waste a single second translating jargon in order to understand what you’re being offered! Good news! I did it for you.

Is Pay as You Drive a Good Option for Single Moms Auto Insurance?

You’re supporting a family on a single income. Anything that will save you money on big bills like single moms auto insurance sounds like a GREAT option!

Car Insurance for Single Moms: Affordable Protection for Precious Cargo

Day in, day out you’re carrying the world on your shoulders and an incredibly cute kid in the back seat. But when was the last time you thought about the importance of car insurance for single moms?

Saving on a Single Income: A Single Mom’s Guide to Saving on Insurance

Even in a strong economy, most of us are breaking our backs just to make ends meet while we keep our kids safe and healthy. So how do you save on a single income?

Can I Get Car Insurance with Bad Credit?

Question:What will it cost me to get single mom car insurance with bad credit? I got divorced a year ago and the child support payments haven't always been on time. Without my husband's checks, I've had to pay some bills late. Now my credit score is awful. As a single mom, can I still get auto insurance?

A Guide to Applying for Single Moms Individual Health Insurance

So you’ve managed wrap your head around the different plan types and even got as far as picking the right single moms individual health insurance, and no migraine!

single moms individual health insurance, individual health insurance, health insurance

I’d love to tell ya that it’s over, but there’s one last hoop you need to jump through. Unfortunately, this one is a little tricky if you don’t get your ducks in a row first.

My Kids are Covered Under Their Dad’s Insurance, But What About Single Moms Insurance?

As mothers, we put our kids first. As long as they're covered, we often don't worry about ourselves.

I'm glad to hear your ex is at least making sure the kids have health insurance. But you, my dear, still need to get yourself some.

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