Dog Bite Liability

Dog bite liability can make man’s best friend turn out to be a huge financial burden with just one bite. In 2005, dog bites cost insurers $317.2 million. Over 50% of the bites that occurred, in that same period occurred on the dog owner's property. One-third of all homeowners liability claims are caused by a simple dog bite.

Enter Dog Bite Liability Insurance:

Homeowners are financially liable for their dogs. While most homeowners and renters policies provide anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000 in coverage for liability claims, however, anything over the policy limit becomes the homeowner's responsibility.

Your dog also gets branded after even just a simple playful bite once a claim is made and will now be classified as a bite risk. Some 70% insurance companies would not renew a homeowner's policy even after just one dog bite. If you have the dog for security reasons consider purchasing an alarm system rather than a dog. An alarm will also qualify for a homeowners insurance discount.

Preventing Dog Bites:

Carefully consider dog breeds, and their habits before selecting a pet. Ask your veterinarian for advice. New dogs should be introduced slowly to new social situations. Never put a dog in a position where it feels threatened or fearful. Since un-neutered dogs are three times more likely to bite make sure you have your animal neutered. Never play aggressive games with your pet as this will often encourage inappropriate behavior. Teach your dog to be social and warm with people and guests.

With just over 36% of the population owning a dog or two, a lot of people are enjoying the company of a dog and you should be able to as well, but you must be aware of dog bite liability. You also must make sure you are adequately covered should your dog bite someone, make sure your homeowners insurance policy is up to date. Some insurance advice, if you add a dog to your policy then your premium could drastically increase, so make sure that you shop around for the right insurance company for you. Using's online homeowners insurance quote form, you can compare homeowners insurance quotes in a matter of minutes.

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