Can I Get Car Insurance with Bad Credit?

Question:What will it cost me to get single mom car insurance with bad credit? I got divorced a year ago and the child support payments haven't always been on time. Without my husband's checks, I've had to pay some bills late. Now my credit score is awful. As a single mom, can I still get auto insurance?

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Answer: It may seem unfair, especially for single mom who can't control her income, but more and more auto insurance companies are running credit checks on customers before they'll give quotes on auto insurance. Statistics show that people with bad credit have more accidents and are more likely to make claims on their auto insurance. It's what insurance companies call "a solid predictor of risk." In same cases, car insurance with bad credit might even cost you more than having several tickets or a car crash on your record.

In more than half the U.S. states, the law requires insurance companies to tell you that your credit history can affect your premiums. The same law says insurance companies can't refuse to insure you just because you have bad credit. And it encourages insurance companies to consider any special life situations—like your divorce and difficulty getting your child support checks—when evaluating your credit score and setting your rates.

Repairing your credit as quickly as possible by paying your bills on time will lower your insurance rates in the future,so you can get car insurance with bad credit. You'll need to shop around for the cheapest auto insurance, since different companies use different formulas to assess risk and set insurance rates. When you compare rates for auto insurance, ask the companies how they weigh your credit score when setting your insurance rates.

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